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Realtime and Delayed LME Quotations brings you live LME prices of copper, aluminium, nickel, zinc, lead, tin and aluminium alloy. If your core business requires you to track live copper price, live aluminium price, live nickel price or any other live non ferrous metal prices from London Metal Exchange, you can access to in order to get realtime LME data feed.

LME Reports offers you all the reports published by London Metal Exchange. Provisional and final evening evaluations, LME averages, futures and options volumes and open interest reports, contributed volatilies and strikes will help you to get the best out of your business.

Advanced Charting Tools provides a sophisticated charting tool, with different bar styles, colouring options and many technical indicators. You can customize your chart, add notes, use different time frames and take instant snapshots so that you are ready to use it in you internal reports.

Historical data and excel

Past is the mirror to the future! enables you to download historical prices of commodities of your choice either in excel or XML formats. You simply choose your time frame and get daily, weekly or monthly historical prices in your computer.

Worldwide warehouse stocks provides you with warehouse stock movements of non ferrous commodities. You can track the stock rates, changes and see Daily/monthly/yearly charts.

Currency Switch

All the prices quoted by London Metal Exchange are in US Dollars. enables you to switch between main currencies and you can track LME quotations in EUR, GBP, TRL, CNY. With one click, You can change all prices on to your desired currency.

Scrap metal calculator offers you a simple and easy to use scrap price calculator which helps you to calculate your company’s product prices which are based on LME quotations. As the Exchange price changes, your product price will be calculated accordingly.

Style enables you customize your own screen. You can use different colouring options, place pricing boxes where you want them to see. Layout of the fixed tables can be arranged to your liking.